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2009-03-11 21:14:56 by osvalvg


vote to help me!

2009-02-20 17:45:51 by osvalvg


now i want you make me a litle favor
like a few of you know, finally i have
a flash, but now i want you vote 0 for it!
so, please, so, that is because i want to win
the underdog of the week, or
the thurd of the week,
good bye

vote to help me!

A litle more...

2009-01-24 12:44:57 by osvalvg

Well... i got my first good flash, but,
i can't submit it because i submited a lot of bad flash
and i'm banned

well, when it be redy vote 5!

Help me!

2008-11-18 19:51:19 by osvalvg

Pleas Help me

first: what i need to do a good audio?
I need a program?
And if yes: Which is this program?

Second: How i submit something


The second thind isn't to nesesary...

but well...

could you help mi with the first thing?


Nothimg in special

2008-08-01 18:26:44 by osvalvg

I'm Osvaldo
I'm from Mexico
and who know spanish
can write in spanish
but I don't know
how to submit any
somone can tell me how?
well that's everything

Nothimg in special